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Its Not Just MY Food Revolution

Guest Blogger

Healthy Child is proud to support Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Eating more whole foods and less processed is not only nutritionally superior, but also reduces exposure to synthetic food additives and contaminants that can leach from food packaging. Thank you to Jamie Oliver and MomsRising for working to protect our children and for sharing this important message.

Jamie Oliver: By now I hope you’ve seen the first two episodes of my new show on ABC, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. If you’ve seen it, I hope you’ve realized that this revolution isn’t about me. It’s about you—moms (parents, really) who care about their children—who care about giving them the best opportunities life has to offer them. As a parent and a chef, I want to tell you it starts with fresh food.

I am writing this blog because I know the followers of MomsRising get it. And I also know that I will only succeed by joining together with women such as yourselves. I need your help.

I started my work in one of Huntington’s elementary schools. Funnily enough, West Virginia has pretty high standards as compared to the rest of the country. Luckily for me, the local government and school district still welcomed me and my television crew. I wanted see if I could make the school food even better. I wanted to change the kinds of food coming into the school and get fresh food into the system.

To earn reimbursement from the federal government (critical to funding the school lunch program) every lunch must include four basic components – milk, protein, grains and a vegetable. But behind that is a massively distorted system. As long as a school can check off those four boxes, then they don’t bother even looking at the food that’s on the plate. Check out these two pictures:

Both of these lunches meet the federal nutrition standards. Which one would you rather your child was eating?

We must get rid of the junk. The federal nutritional regulations allow pizza made from processed ingredients to be served for breakfast. French fries count as a vegetable. And portable food is served every day without any need for cutlery or dishes—or any table manners whatsoever. Sloppy Joes and burgers are made from the lowest quality beef. Hot dogs and corn dogs come from meat that comes from who knows where and chicken nuggets are made from more ingredients than I can even count. The list goes on.

Take sugar. I can’t find any regulations that control the amount of sugar in the meal, so milk is ripe for the ruining. Why serve regular milk when you can dye it pink or brown and add so much sugar that it contains nearly as much as a can of soda?

There’s sugar in the cereal, there’s sugar in the bread, there’s sugar here, there and everywhere! Why? Because it’s cheap and the fast food industry has gotten us addicted to it.

Ask a pediatrician (or a teacher for that matter) to identify the biggest enemy of child’s health and they will answer,” sugar”. You put beautiful little kids in school, 180 days of the year, from four to 18 and nearly every choice offered to them is some version of junk food.

I know that I’m not alone in being worried about school lunches and childhood obesity. Everyone knows what the problem is. Everyone is sick of hearing the bad statistics. In America, there are loads of people who have been working hard for change, trying to get heard and make school nutrition reform into the most important issue of our generation.

There are some real improvements being made right now to the child nutrition program and the bill on it is going through Congress right now. But if more money isn’t allocated then no one will be able to implement the new standards. About $1 is spent on an average school lunch. Industry is saying another 35 cents is needed to make improvements, but just six cents is being offered as an incentive payment for the new requirements. It’s simply not enough.

And we need to let your politicians know we care. If you want improve school food, sign my petition!

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Another word from Rose Marie...

I have long recognized the importance of sound nutrition and healthy growth and development and the relationship each has to learning and cognition. Concepts of sound nutrition have been integrated in the services of APOGEE Learning Enhancement Training Systems™ since its founding in 1983. Our children have been compromised by an experiment - NO MORE - back to the gifts of Mother Nature as intended - no GMOs - Let our children know and enjoy Organic Food - pure, wholesome and alive with taste !!


  1. Rosie, this is incredible. I love what you are doing, yet again.
    Apogee is amazing in taking on this extremely important challenge with our children's food. I believe your passion, drive, many years of experience and wisdom can make the difference we need....
    and are looking for. I commend you for taking this on, and I put all my faith in you. If there is one person who can bring change and reform,
    it is you. Keep up the amazing and insightful work. Thank you, once again for ALWAYS ~ making our children ~ NUMBER ONE.

  2. Clare, I appreciate so deeply your interest, your care and your understanding support. I look forward to your registration to "follow." Your love and heartfelt concerns will be a most welcomed addition, to what I know will be a growing community of change makers. Do not hesitate to encourage others to join in - OUR CHILDREN DESERVE NO LESS!!

  3. Thank you for posting this and sharing the message. As an educator, I am a huge supporter of Jamie's food revolution. It's so important that everyone take a close look at what our kids are fed in school.

  4. Sabine, So pleased we can share perspectives and be on each others cheering team! Here is where home and school need get their acts together. The more parents make it known that good nutrition is not only good parenthood, but good education as well, the more we can look forward to wiser and healthier choices.Thank you for the differences you choose to make!!

  5. Children are being given medications for behavior problems that have been shown to relate to dietary habits, chemically laced food, and pesticide exposure. Many of these medications have adverse side effects. Our children are being put to needless turmoil. The growing and developing body is meant to consume whole, fresh, nutritious, organically grown foods. To provide less is to pave the way for less than optimal development, growth, behavior and learning readiness.