Saturday, May 29, 2010

Toxic Assault On Our Children - Call to Action


A Chemical Reaction - A Chemical Reaction

A Chemical Reaction, an award-winning documentary film, while being a heart-warming, inspirational, human-interest story about the origin of the natural lawn care movement in Canada and the U.S., is also a powerful tool for individuals and organizations interested in reducing and/or eliminating pesticides from the environment, especially around homes and schools.

Twelve years ago when I first became aware of the abuses of pesticides, I did not want to believe that there would be programs put into place that would allow these toxic chemicals to be applied to lawns, golf courses, playgrounds, sports fields and school grounds. The story put forward by Rachel Carson, in "Silent Spring" is not yet a closed chapter. Those of us who have personally lived the ravages and devastation of toxic chemicals know that was is put forth in the documented text, "Poisoned Profits" is an unfortunate reality that requires our attention and action.

Focused and persistent action with right intention does reap benefit: Rockland Co. NY Legislature Passes Non-Toxic Landscape Act - June, 2008 - This indeed an example - think globally - act locally - and on May 19, 2010, Governor Paterson signed into law, the New York State Child Safe Playing Fields Act, which bans the use of chemical pesticides on school playing fields and playgrounds. APOGEE Learning: YES! YES! Our Voices Heard: These changes because WE the PEOPLE educated the policy makers and decision makers. We cannot assume that all those in government making decisions are "all knowing."

"Why does the toxic assault on our children´s environmental health continue?: because the evidence is routinely obscured by controversy deliberately generated by the companies that profit, abetted by government collusion, scientists-for-hire, lobbyists, lawyers and cynical public relations. " In, "Poisoned Profits," journalists Alice Shabecoff and Philip Shabecoff directly and definitively link industrial toxins to the current rise in childhood disease and death. In the tradition of Silent Spring, POISONED PROFITS: the Toxic Assault on Our Children is a landmark investigation, an eye-opening account of a country that prizes money over children's health.

With indisputable data, the Shabecoffs reveal that the children of baby boomers—the first to be raised in a truly “toxified world”—have higher rates of birth defects, asthma, cancer, autism and a frightening range of other neurological illnesses from ADHD to mental retardation, and other serious chronic illnesses compared to previous generations.

They reveal that one out of two pregnancies fails to come to term or results in a less than healthy child, that premature births and infertility are on the rise as this generation matures, while the ratio of male babies dwindles.

These children are victims of a (perhaps unwitting) crime; the perpetrators are the companies who manufacture and use poisonous products. Environmental exposures from conception to early life can set a person´s cellular code for life and can cause illness at any time from childhood until old age. "

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