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Capacity and Volition ~ The Academics and the Arts

~ Experiencing ~ Appreciating ~ Developing ~ Learning ~ Enhancing ~

Paper, scissors, crayons, paint, pencils, rulers, blocks, letters, words, numbers, the call to action for both the academics and the arts. APOGEE Learning™ offers sessions that integrate the academics and the arts, and such experiences and opportunities that bring fuller awareness and appreciation. Enhanced is the (1) capacity for aesthetic perception, the ability to see, hear, and feel what works of art offer, (2) the ability to freely draw, paint, sculpt or write, to create and express artistically in any art form, (3) the ability to interpret works of art, discern what is appealing in them, and draw meaning from them through reflection and discourse, (4) the desire to seek historical and cultural knowledge that enriches the understanding and purposes of works of art. Each goal is offered and presented on a level appropriate to age, development and interest.

Understanding of an experience is codified, feeling the internal touch of color from crayon or paint upon paper, to the feel of clay being molded into a form, into a structure of its own, to the sense of parts to wholes, as pieces, fragments, are newly perceived, used and arranged to express a thought, a concept, an idea in completion. Words upon paper to express query, exploration, discovery, and exposition, are the very gifts of the process. ART is presented as a state of being, as an expression of what is known, what is yet to be known, be it in each art form expressed in mathematics, science, and the humanities. Cultivated is capacity and volition, an ever present preparation to learn, to create, to progress, to soar with success.

Sessions in the academics and the arts are directed toward:

• Motivating students to explore the universal and intelligible expression of art.

• Engaging students in the willful art of sensing, capturing, and re-creating.

• Empowering students to perceive art as it exists in all natural and created form.

• Creating an environment that stimulates the desire for expression.

• Applying the simple, the true, the eternal, seen in natural form.

• Integrating the study and expression of art's form with classroom curriculum and one's own life experiences.

• Expanding the awareness of art as the timeless aspiring creation of beauty in form, word, thought and deed.

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