Monday, August 16, 2010

Sporting Safety ~ Playing It Safe

The concept of T~E~A~M, Together Everyone Achieves More, has most certainly proven itself. It has been documented, through both personal experience and research, that sports and team building contribute positively to the development of children across the age span. Sports in all their diversity, promote cooperative play, teamwork, while refining gross motor development and skills. With appropriate and supportive feedback, self esteem is enhanced, cooperative play is valued, goals and success are envisioned. We of the adult community must assure that where our children play assures their health and well being.

Our children are consistently being exposed to a wider array of chemicals and toxic pesticides. The game of life is our most important play. Let us appreciate that the true meaning of "Let's Play," is to provide the best of opportunities for the health, growth and development of each child. The physical, mental, social, emotional and cognitive development of our children are to be supported and enhanced, not compromised and diminished. PLAY Yes, Let us make it a safe run!!

For additional information on policy and action see earlier post:

• Turf pesticides have been linked to both acute and long-term health problems, including neurological and endocrine disruption as well as certain cancers. Natural or organic turf management can be easily implemented for school grounds and playing fields. Watch the video.


  1. As a member of the Orangetown Environmental Committee, Orangetown, NY, I appreciate the challenge before each of us. Yet, if we hold a child's well being and health as indeed precious, the challenge is embraced with a deep faith and a knowing of the way for change. For the last decade, I have maintained a "Pesticide FREE Zone" on my property and the grounds of APOGEE Learning, in addition to eliminating the use of all toxic household cleaning products. These are the choices that maintain a SMILE - and assure a healthier environment in which each child can joyfully learn, grow and BE.

  2. Hello Rose Marie,
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  3. Grassroots: So pleased to bring your excellent video presentations and educational materials to the attention of parents, students, educators, policy makers, legislators, departments of parks and recreation within my community and to blog subscribers nationally and world wide. Indeed I applaud your outstanding work. I thank you on behalf of all the children that will be better protected because of growing awareness, documented information, and viable alternatives to toxic products.