Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is the Environment Poisoning Our Children? | Sandra Steingraber | Orion Magazine

How toxic chemicals

are impairing children’s ability to learn

by Sandra Steingraber

The research studies cited, the stories told, the perspectives held, the call, the plea made for change, are those I most certainly identify with and are the very perspectives that define the APOGEE™ Learning mission... the health and well being of our children ... A most heartfelt plea...

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  1. In 2001, in the southern state of Kerala, India, where I reside endosulfan spraying became suspect when linked to a series of abnormalities noted in local children. Initially endosulfan was banned, yet under pressure from the pesticide industry this ban was largely revoked. The situation there has been called next in magnitude only to the Bhopal gas tragedy. Today, villagers who lived close to the plantation are paying the price, despite an indefinite ban on the substance. Many of them got paralyzed or are seriously ill. The area is dotted with tragedy struck families battling physical deformities, cancers and disorders of the central nervous system.

  2. Venu, Thank You for your response. It is so very important for all to see this as a global issue that requires total attention. We individually and collectively cannot allow the interests of profit alone to reign over the health and well being of our children. The ravages of toxic pesticides are real and well documented.