Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Learning Spectrum ~ Energy Readiness

Learning and Energy Readiness

Learning is meant to be an ever present life long process. Life experiences, perception, behavior and specific habit patterns can enhance, block or limit our ability to profit from particular learning opportunities. Opportunities are created. We each have the power to bring ourselves to a state of greater harmony, greater readiness and greater understanding.

Potential can be nurtured. The realms of potential are many. Although there are hundreds of locations of focused or concentrated energy within our body, there are however, seven specific energy centers referred to as chakras. The chakras are spinning vortexes of energy. When these energy centers are open and balanced, we more readily realize our potential for health, learning and creativity.

Each energy center has its own element, vibrational quality, pattern of energy and is associated with particular aspects of intelligence, perception and cognition. To enhance learning one must necessarily enhance the flow of energy through each of these centers. Energy is influenced by all we experience, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Learning is an experience that taps into our physical, emotional and spiritual beings.

APOGEE™ Learning Spectrum was developed after over a decade of working with learners of all ages. Through the use of Cognitive Kinesiology™ it was found that each of the seven energy centers could be activated, energy awakened, and learning enhanced by a particular experience of breath, sound, color, light, movement, thought and silence.

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