Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The APOGEE Paradigm™ ~ The Academics and The Arts

The APOGEE Paradigm  
The Academics and The Arts

Motivating students to explore the universal and intelligible expression of art. 

Engaging students in the willful art of sensing, capturing, and re-creating. 

Empowering students to perceive art as it exists in all natural and created form. 

Creating an environment that stimulates the desire for expression. 

Applying the simple, the true, the eternal, seen in natural form. 

Integrating the study and expression of art's form with classroom curriculum and one's own life experiences. 

Expanding the awareness of art as the timeless aspiring creation of beauty in form, word, deed, and thought. 

Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI is state-certified in regular and special education, supervision and administration. With advanced studies in psychology, education, cognition, stress management, the arts, and holistic health, Raccioppi's program offerings are comprehensive. In addition to her academic excellence, and most notable community and counseling services, she is an exhibiting artist, published poet and the Poet Laureate of Orangetown, New York. Raccioppi has developed and offers supportive programs for learners across the age span, integrating the academics and the arts. Service/program offerings are available for class groups as well as for individual students, teacher and parent consultation. Improv Poetry for students, Creative/Interactive Writing, Letter/Word Play, Sound/Symbol Body Movement, all to enhance, expand and empower reading and writing.