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Living Cause and Effect - Epigenesis - APOGEE Learning ~ A Whole Child Paradigm

Living Cause and Effect

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Behavior must be looked at from varied and integrated perspectives. All that a child experiences weaves his/her cloak of response. Each thread, be it genetic, environmental, physical, emotional, cognitive, chemical, energetic, cultural, spiritual, perceptual, contributes to the nature and weave of this fabric of BEING. To understand behavior is to understand the interplay of cause and effect. The APOGEE Learning™ paradigm has and continues to support children, teens and adults across the age span by creatively exploring this interplay of cause and effect to determine a course of action and supports that address each identified need. Programs are tailored to each individual and may include, nutritional guidance, exercise, specific academic supports, study skills, sport activities, music, art, dance, creative writing, and the special talents and/or interests of the student. When one, at any age, understands what may trigger a positive or negative response, one moves toward becoming an empowered self.

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The Observations

"No, they are not the same" was my hue and cry. My identical twin sons born to me were not the same. Yes, they split from the one egg, yes, they contain the genetic code of each parent, but from the very start of the split, they were positioned differently in the womb. Each twin experienced everything in utero from a different position in space. They each had very different birth experiences. Yet, all I had been taught in my undergraduate and graduate studies of physiology and psychology in the 60's, did not seem to consider these 'different' experiences as holding significant influences on their growth, development or perceptions. As a student of psychology and education, guided by the works of Jean Piaget, I observed. What I observed over the last four decades was that ALL influences. Holding a view that a particular experience, for the 'experiencer' holds no significance, may indeed be a misguided judgment of the observer.

When my third son was born, three years later, again, I had a whole new opportunity for observation. Each of my sons, in their own particular way, has taught me the meaning of life, care, unconditional love, and the significance of each and every experience, each and every relationship, each and every exposure to stress, be it environmental, physical or emotional.

There is more to the story of the 'differences' that developed, as each twin son made different choices, developed different interests, went to different schools, yes, very much an epigenetic accounting of growth and development. Matrix, hologram, kaleidoscopic emergence, epigenesis, are very much a part of the story that is yet to be fully told.

Man is born with potential, the propensities that come from origination, yet man was never meant to be limited to this origination, if he was, he would not have been given 'Free Will.' It is the breaking of this 'will' that enslaves.

Equipped with two decades of 'hands on learning,' post graduate work, along with continued studies of consciousness, creativity and learning, I initiated APOGEE Learning™ in 1983, a holistic, inclusive paradigm that has successfully served learners across the age span for what will soon be three decades.

As I read of the "Epigenetic theory," and its defined findings, I found a deep accord with my own observations... "an emergent theory of development that includes both the genetic origins of behavior and the direct systematic influence that environmental forces have, over time, on the expression of those genes. The theory focuses on the dynamic interaction between these two influences during development." ( From these perspectives, one can more fully appreciate why APOGEE Learning™ has brought about such outstanding change, benefit and growth for learners across the age span.

APOGEE Learning ™ is a system of learning and educational therapy that considers the visual, auditory, motor, psychological, attitudinal, kinesthetic, cognitive, biochemical, nutritional, neurological, educational, vibrational and reciprocal factors that relate to learning and creativity. It addresses the Academics and the Arts.

Through the use of Cognitive Kinesiology™ the student is brought closer to understanding the integrative action of the mind-body energy system. The student experiences the communication between the mind and body and comes to more fully appreciate the power of one’s own inner resources.

The assessment experience provides the student with opportunities to explore how behavior and stress patterns affect mind-body energy. The student is given the opportunity to more fully appreciate the interrelationship of the physical, mental, creative, and spiritual self. The student comes closer to understanding how his or her learning and creativity are influenced by what he or she has experienced, feels, attracts, knows, thinks, believes, wants, enjoys and fears. To know these aspects of self is to know the keys or locks to learning and creativity.

APOGEE Learning™ allows us to better understand and implement the supports, modifications, adjustments and educational approaches that are needed to assure effective learning and stress management.

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A Post Script Post

Your Soul Revealed

The soul is disguised when you are tired or stressed; you are pulled outside yourself; your attention is dominated by externals; you let others think for you; you act out of compulsion; you are influenced by fear and anxiety; you struggle and suffer.

Theses conditions have to change before the soul connection can be reestablished. Death provides access to the domain of the soul, but Vedanta declares that the soul has a great deal to offer before death. Life is conducted under the gaze of the soul.

Your portion of pure consciousness has certain universal qualities: It is constant; it never loses sight of you; it is connected to every other soul; it shares God’s omniscience; it is untouched by change; it lives beyond time and space.

So it isn’t only tender, loving, quiet moments that reveal the soul. Rather, it’s those moments when the soul’s own qualities come to the surface that are most important.

The soul is revealed when you feel centered; your mind is clear; you have the sensation that time has stopped; you suddenly feel free of boundaries; you are keenly self-aware; you feel merged with another person, either in love or silent communication; you feel untouched by aging and change; you feel blissful and ecstatic; you have an intuitive flash that turns out to be true; you somehow know what is going to happen; you sense the truth; you feel supremely loved or absolutely safe.

If there is only one reality, as the rishis declare, then life is not a struggle between good and evil, but a tangled web where all actions, good and bad, move us closer to reality or deeper into illusion. Karma spins the web. Hell, like every other location in consciousness, ultimately reflects the state of our own awareness, and freedom from hell is won, like every other achievement, by coming closer to the reality of the soul.

Adapted from Life After Death: The Burden of Proof, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2006).