Monday, June 20, 2011

Fostering Intention and Attention

There is something to explore, something to learn, something to hold fascination, something to encourage discovery, query, and challenge. The flutter of a butterfly, the flight of a bird, a flower in bloom, nature, the spoken word, music, song, the creation of letters, words and the printed page call for attention. Seeing, hearing, touching, perceiving, define the all encompassing scope of reading and the reading process. Observation itself is "reading" The expressions: "how do you read him/her...," "what's your read on that," speak to this very concept. Intention and attention are interrelated. One supports the other.

Energy Follows Attention, posted by Deepak Chopra Jun 20, 2011 ( addresses this relationship of intention-attention-attention-intention and is presented here for your consideration.

"Consciousness orchestrates its activity in response to both attention and intention. Whatever you put your attention on becomes energized. Whatever you take your attention away from dwindles. On the other hand, intention is the key to transformation, as we have seen. So you could say that attention activates the energy field, and intention activates the information field, which causes transformation.

Every time you speak you transmit information through an energy field using sound waves. Every time you send or receive e-mail, you use both information and energy. There is information in the words you select, and the energy is the electromagnetic impulse that travels through cyberspace.

Information and energy are inseparably connected. Have you ever noticed how, when you start paying attention to a particular word or color or object, that very thing seems to appear more often in your environment?

Millions of things happen every day that never penetrate our conscious minds: sounds from the street, conversations of people around us, newspaper articles that our eyes quickly scan, patterns on clothing, shoe colors, smells, textures, flavors.

Our consciousness can handle only so much information, so we have selective attention. Whatever we choose to focus our attention on will make it past the mind’s filtering system.

In the physical world we have many different ways of acquiring information. But if you want to tap in to the information at the level of the soul, you need a different way to get the information.

We don’t normally have our attention in that unseen dimension, but everything that’s happening in the visible world has its roots there. Everything is connected with everything else. In the spiritual world, those connections become visible."

Adapted from The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press).

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