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When asked to present a talk on Mentoring, I held the word "MENTOR" in heart and mind looking at the word itself, each letter, each sounding vowel, each sounding consonant to reveal its soulful intent. As I have come to look at words from this perspective, meaning becomes known. And so: MENTOR ~ the Mindful Extension of self to the Need of another, a guide to the Truth of self, to know the Omnipresence in each loving Resolve ... and so purpose defined.

As we look to each of the defining expressions, it becomes evident that action, interaction, mutually agreed intention, and envisioned benefit are essential components of the mentoring relationship. There is a shared responsibility. The mentor fulfills the role of adviser, consultant, guide and has been known in particular circumstances to be a confidant (e) to the mentee. Mentoring is a mutual relationship with an intentional quest. It is one that is structured to convey and support the development of specific content or skill. The mentor offers the opportunity to explore experiences, successes, plans, that relate to the mentee's needs and/or goals. Enhancing and developing of skill sets relating to a particular requirement, project,  enterprise, or purpose, further defines the mentoring process.

We can easily find ourselves 'senior' to another by way of years, experiences, competencies, and specific skill sets as they may apply to academic learning, technology, as well as the creative arts. Here is where, " the Mindful Extension of self to the Need of another," plays a role in the mentoring relationship. Facilitating the exploration of motivation, personal values, self image, and the degree to which the mentee holds to confidence, is to offer, "a guide to the Truth of self.  As one pursues any goal, takes action, views the results brought forth, seeks support, one is to identify the creative and interactive forces that prevail. One is to see the operation and effect of natural laws. One is to see that resolve is called upon when a purpose is to be fulfilled.  This then is, "to know the  Omnipresence in each loving Resolve."

The agenda for both mentor and mentee is to be dynamic, interactive, mutually agreed to, both formally and informally. It is a relationship to be guided by mutual respect and appreciation. Each has to be willing to be both student and teacher. It is a process that provides each to explore and, to be responsive to the results of the process.

Even as an educator, one can develop a mentoring relationship appropriate to the age, interests, needs and motivation of the student. It is here that fully understanding the student's learning style, RE: APOGEE Learning: YES, It Can Be A Matter Of Learning Style  is emphasized. Changing the model of the teaching process is here put forth, RE: APOGEE Learning: APOGEE ~ An Educational Therapy Model ~  These considerations when implemented have brought about the desired improvement in behavior, motivation and interest on the part of the student. The student comes to experience the relationship as supportive rather than purely authoritative.

Please do avail yourselves of the varied posts that further present the role of the educator as facilitator. This has been a paradigm that I have lived and applied in private practice since 1983, a thirty year celebration of shared smiles.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

And so let the gifts be known, the needs be addressed, the success be realized...

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