Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sharing with a SMILE...


Sharing with a SMILE ...
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As an Educational Consultant/Therapist, I have the pleasure and honor of working with the divergent learner, bright, creative, perceptive, fun loving, exploratory BEINGS who question WHY and WHY NOT. One of these bright delights, of five years of age, proclaimed I had OBSIDIAN POWER. YES, his proclamation brought much loving light to our work, opening many channels of discovery, including the power of TRUTH. You are welcomed to peruse the post inspired by this proclamation of OBSIDIAN POWER. APOGEE Learning: OBSIDIAN Pledge of TRUTH...Father and Son...…/obsidian-pledge-of-tru…

Today, as we were working on 'words', their specific letters. the sound each letter makes, how the sounds feel, and what the word tells us, he looked into my eyes and with a broad smile on his face said, "YOU ARE MY TUNING LADY."

Rose Marie Raccioppi 


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Full Speech: Jim Carrey's Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduatio...

YES, this in full accord with the tenets and the maxims of the 
APOGEE Paradigm™

Rose Marie Raccioppi
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

OBSIDIAN Pledge of TRUTH...Father and Son...


Each crystal, mineral, gem, is a vibrational universe, conveying its intention... we need only to listen and its knowing will be conveyed.

A young student, with a very wise and loving soul, recently stated that I had OBSIDIAN POWER ... and so we communicate our truth through the intention of the OBSIDIAN we share. A universe of intention lies within each crystal, each gem, each mineral. Here pictured is a father's hand and his son's hand, pledging to be in truth and to make that truth known to one another heart emoticon. YES, the accord of OBSIDIAN POWER heart emoticon.

When the Pledge of Truth, prompted by the son, was made by father and son, JOY and LIGHT became ONE. This the knowing of a 6 year old.

All in the APOGEE Paradigm™ spirit,

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Thank You Crystals on the Rocks and Kim Oleary for providing such treasures.

Photo: OBSIDEAN Pledge of TRUTH, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi. APOGEE Paradigm™, 2015.

An Accord: Michael Meade on Authentic Education... the way of the APOGEE Paradigm™

APOGEE Paradigm™

Michael Meade on Authentic Education

A new interview with Michael Meade

In this brand new interview with mythologist Michael Meade, 
Jennifer Louden of the pioneering education group TeachNow 
delve into a remarkable and surprising conversation about the 
true meanings of teaching, mentoring, and genius-based 

“We think that teaching comes from having the position of 
teacher,” Meade says, “when I think real teaching comes
from being authentic, so that it becomes fully awakened 

Far from a classroom specific activity, education and 
learning are life-long processes. “The underlying dynamic
of education is way more than school,” Meade says. 
“In other words, to really be in touch with the archetype
of educating would be to remember that the educators 
are really aimed at teaching an entire culture.”