Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sharing with a SMILE...


Sharing with a SMILE ...
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As an Educational Consultant/Therapist, I have the pleasure and honor of working with the divergent learner, bright, creative, perceptive, fun loving, exploratory BEINGS who question WHY and WHY NOT. One of these bright delights, of five years of age, proclaimed I had OBSIDIAN POWER. YES, his proclamation brought much loving light to our work, opening many channels of discovery, including the power of TRUTH. You are welcomed to peruse the post inspired by this proclamation of OBSIDIAN POWER. APOGEE Learning: OBSIDIAN Pledge of TRUTH...Father and Son...…/obsidian-pledge-of-tru…

Today, as we were working on 'words', their specific letters. the sound each letter makes, how the sounds feel, and what the word tells us, he looked into my eyes and with a broad smile on his face said, "YOU ARE MY TUNING LADY."

Rose Marie Raccioppi 


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