Sunday, March 1, 2015

OBSIDIAN Pledge of TRUTH...Father and Son...


Each crystal, mineral, gem, is a vibrational universe, conveying its intention... we need only to listen and its knowing will be conveyed.

A young student, with a very wise and loving soul, recently stated that I had OBSIDIAN POWER ... and so we communicate our truth through the intention of the OBSIDIAN we share. A universe of intention lies within each crystal, each gem, each mineral. Here pictured is a father's hand and his son's hand, pledging to be in truth and to make that truth known to one another heart emoticon. YES, the accord of OBSIDIAN POWER heart emoticon.

When the Pledge of Truth, prompted by the son, was made by father and son, JOY and LIGHT became ONE. This the knowing of a 6 year old.

All in the APOGEE Paradigm™ spirit,

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Thank You Crystals on the Rocks and Kim Oleary for providing such treasures.

Photo: OBSIDEAN Pledge of TRUTH, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi. APOGEE Paradigm™, 2015.

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