Sunday, June 6, 2010

Teaching and that Seizable Moment

A seizable moment, a child's enthusiasm, interest, pleasure, curiosity, desire to share, and so the door of learning welcomes response, interest, support from peers, parents, family, and teachers. A seizable moment calls for the willingness to be spontaneous, to appreciate the potential in that moment of interest and attraction.

A six year old student, Grace, inspired by the rose bushes in her front yard was encouraged to share her love of her flowers. She was asked about the color, the smell, the touch, the feel of her roses. She shared her delight and her impressions. All that she shared was used to create a 'brain storming web" - one thought - one word - one impression - one experience - noted and all connected to the roses. From this "brain storming web" each line of a poem was conceived. The challenge was to create a poem with rhyme, a style she loves for its flowing feel and the inner song it sings to her. Imagery, word usage, spelling, structure, form, rhyme, all integrated in this session of language arts.

She described the leaves, with green pointed ends that pinch, the stems with thorns, the sweet candy smell, petals that fall looking beautiful, hers being 'special roses.' She recounted the joy she had when gathering fallen petals and throwing them up to the sky. Line by line, words in rhyme, a poem was created. She bloomed with delight as she presented her poem, "Special Roses," to her father, reading it with prideful joy.

Special Roses

At my front door there does grow
Two beautiful rose bushes in a row

Sweet candy is their special smell
Beauty is the story they tell

Thorny may their branches be
Careful, they do not hurt me

When the wind blows a rose in bloom
Petals upon the ground come real soon

I gather the petals and off they fly
Spreading their joy up to the sky

Upon the ground they do rest
Yes, the Rose, a flower I love the best.

APOGEE Learning™ sessions are designed to have a child create, expand, integrate, their own experience, rather than filling in blanks on a preconceived workbook activity page. The child's needs, academic goals, interests and everyday experiences are drawn upon, creating a truly individualized learning hour.

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  1. A theme I use when a student explores 'nature' be it a leaf, a blade of grass, a petal, a seashell, a stone, a twig, a branch, is to 'see,' 'feel' and 'listen' for all the wondrous offerings within the particular creation. Holding to the awe itself brings a deeper breath, and so a heightened readiness and preparation for what is to follow.