Thursday, May 20, 2010

Within The Child

Mind ~ Cosmos
Intention ~ Creation
Purpose ~ Plan
Fulfillment ~ LIFE

Within the child's exploration, within the child's discoveries, within each question asked, within each answer sought, within each feeling expressed, within each fear yet concealed, rests the potential of each child to be known. Heed well the call.

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In answer ~ What is an APOGEE Achiever?

An APOGEE Achiever is one who makes the choice to appreciate potential and chooses to live a vision fulfilled. It is the student warrior, the warrior of spirit, belief, vision, and right intention, it is the one who heeds the inner calls to freedom, to creativity, to artistry, to exploration, to the knowing of SELF in all dimensions, in all realities, in all possibilities, in all change, in all BEING.

The mission of
APOGEE Learning™
A paradigm to embrace

Aspiration Potential Opportunity Growth Empowerment Exploration

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