Friday, July 9, 2010

The Many Moods of Our Children

The Many Moods

As I read the post, "Spiritual Mood Swings," by Deepak Chopra, the many moods expressed by the children I work with came to heart. Expressions of self-doubt: "I'll never be able to be good at that." "I can't do it." "I hate how I feel." "No one likes what I do." "I am not good at that." And then the opportunity to explore, experiment, express and be understood, supported, valued, and the mood swings to: "'WOW' I get it." " Let me do it now." " Wait till I show my Dad, he'll be surprised." "Hey, this is easy."

Th mood changes because the child has been given an opportunity to experience himself/herself free of preconceived doubts, fears and perceived failure. As parents, as educators, as caring people, we are called upon to provide activities and materials that are respectful of the child's needs, appreciative of the child's learning style, and on a level commensurate with the child's developmental levels physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially, and creatively.

Each post thus far on APOGEE Learning has been offered with the intent of encouraging fuller knowledge and understanding of a child and his/her ever emergent potential. I encourage your perusal. Let us come to understand each mood as a reflection of the inner dialogue, the interpretation of an experience, perceived need, and sense of or lack of safety. Know that mood, as with the hour of the day, the passing of a cloud, the rising and setting sun, is real, yet ever changing. The mission of APOGEE Learning is to cultivate keen awareness, to develop and expand perception, to impassion responsibility and enhance the power to act. And YES, even if the depths of doubt take hold, know that a soaring moment awaits arrival - welcoming growth, change and potential realized.

Spiritual Mood Swings
posted by Deepak Chopra (Care2)

"What feels like backsliding in the middle of the journey is actually a return to parts of yourself that need spiritual attention. The soul is constant; only your perception changes. You see yourself leaping forward or falling back. You find inner peace only to lose it again. You struggle to overcome discouragement and the temptation to reclaim the normal life you had before this whole seduction of spirit lured you in.

Every self is provisional. “I” is temporary and subject to everything that time brings: One day it was born, and one day it will die. The ego shifts constantly. We experience this whether we’re on the path or not.

No matter whether “I” feels victorious of defeated, elated or discouraged, these are mere phantoms compared to consciousness itself. Out of consciousness everything else is built. The world consists of images on a screen, and consciousness is the steady light that emanates from the projector.

It would be tidier if spiritual seeking were just a matter of enduring one dark night of the soul, after which you would feel secure in you link to God. But there are many dark mornings of the soul, many shadowy afternoons and dim twilights.

The middle of the journey concerns all the things Jesus taught his disciples about reaching God-consciousness. In the middle of the journey, moments of ecstasy appear, along with periods of being surrounded by love in all directions.

Such episodes occur in every life; it’s not necessary to see yourself on the spiritual path. But the path is about such moments; it provides focus and direction so that love can expand, filling in the blank spaces where it is lost sight of. You announce your intention to reach the kingdom of God, and in response, God’s love steadily draws you closer."

Adapted from The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).
Post of: care2: Jul 9, 2010.

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