Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Child's Heart Sings ~ The Prayer ~ Rhema Marvanne

Today these gifts have been brought to me. I expressed in a number of posts our need to more fully understand and embrace the knowing, so deep within the souls of our children. To hear the resounding grace of a child's song is to be reminded of what we as adults have within ourselves.

As parents, as educators, as one who is to reach out, guide, coach, teach, a child, let us be mindful of these words shared:

"In their best selling book “The Vortex”, Esther and Jerry Hicks, through the wisdom of Abraham, discuss the role of parents and the many misconceptions of parents and their role in their children’s lives. In describing their perspective of a joyous and valuable parental approach, they state the following:"

“I understand that my child is a powerful creator who has come into this physical environment, not unlike myself, to carve out a wonderful experience. My child will have the benefits of sifting through the contrast of life in order to determine his preferences. Each time my child has an experience that amplifies his awareness of what he does not want, a Vibrational request for the improved opposite will emanate from him, and will be held for him, in his Vibrational Reality, in his Vortex of Creation. And as he pays attention to the Emotional Guidance System within him and seeks the best-feeling thoughts he can find, he will gravitate into alignment with who-he-has-become and will know the fullness of who-he-is. And, in all of that process, he will feel the
satisfaction of being the creator of his own reality. And, as his parent, I will support him completely in his becoming." ~Abraham-Hicks."

To sing, to dance, to draw, to paint, to sculpt, to create, to think, to imagine, to vision, to BE ~ to DO ~ to HAVE ~ these the gifts bestowed to our children. Let us be graceful gate keepers. The academics, the arts, the sciences, technology, are all operative this day. When we bring to this and to each child, right intention, unconditional love, truth, and beauty, all the the world will come to know the meaning of the Celebrated Life.

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