Friday, August 20, 2010

FREEDOM - to live the potential within Self

As adults, we may find ourselves feeling constraints and a sense of lost freedom. Freedom is a perception, an experience, an attitude, that we can cultivate, enhance within ourselves, and grant lovingly to each child. The joy of a child's first step, our first step in any endeavor, can be ever present within ourselves. Much of the supportive work of APOGEE Learning™ and the APOGEE Achiever Program™ is aimed at realigning with freedom, the freedom to BE, to explore, to discover, to learn anew, to reawaken, to live the potential within self. Freedom is the disciplined art of BEING.

How to Experience Freedom
What does it mean to be free and what does it mean to be in bondage?

Adapted from Power, Freedom, and Grace by Deepak Chopra (Amber Allen, 2006).

To be in bondage is to be stuck in this or that possibility, having lost the ability to choose from an infinite range of responses. What is the bondage to? The bondage is always to our own boundaries, to our own beliefs and conditioned responses. Boundaries and beliefs are nothing more than ideas or concepts that we have committed to and accepted as truth. And when they are as rigid and inflexible as concrete, we cannot see past them. They become the prison walls that we inadvertently construct around ourselves. You wrap yourself in thoughts the way a spider wraps flies in gossamer. You are both the spider and the fly, entangling yourself in your own web.

Most people live their entire lives in bondage. They are a bundle of nerves and conditioned responses, which are constantly being triggered by other people and circumstances into totally predictable outcomes. To be free of bondage, we have to break down conditioned responses; we have to go beyond boundaries and experience the boundless.

To experience and practice freedom you need to:

•Practice life-centered, present-moment awareness•
•Observe your addictive behaviors without judgment•
•Transcend your fear of the unknown•


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