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Green Cleaning ~ Keeping It Safe For Children

A viable alternative I have come to use and value:
Activeion ionator HOM™ Chemical Free Multi-Surface Cleaner
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Activeion ionator HOM™ Chemical Free Multi-Surface Cleaner
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When one has the opportunity of being introduced to a most viable alternative to toxic cleaners and finds it to be exceedingly effective and safe, one has to pass on the GOOD NEWS! Keeping all work, play and learning surfaces clean and safe is a long standing policy of APOGEE Learning Enhancement Training Systems™. I have used the "Ionator" for several months now and I am thrilled with the results. To clean with the natural smell of water processed by the "Ionator," is to feel the freshness of a sweet rain. Nothing artificial, noting harmful, all safe and effective. For more information and to place your order ~ click here: Activeion ionator HOM™ Chemical Free Multi-Surface Cleaner I most certainly encourage your consideration of the "Ionator."

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Cleaning products contain petroleum-based chemicals that can exacerbate asthmatic symptoms and cause other health problems. Safe, effective and economical bio-based "green" cleaning products are good alternatives. Watch the video:

Excerpts from a posting received from:

Grassroots Environmental Education


"Environmentally-mediated illness is a growing, yet preventable public health threat. Emerging science links many of these illnesses with exposures to chemical toxins, which has precipitated an increased interest in “green” cleaning products for use in schools and other facilities where children spend time.

Why Children Are Uniquely Vulnerable

Children are at greater risk from toxic exposures because of their immature and rapidly developing physiology and their natural behavioral patterns. They live in their environments in ways adults do not; they play on floors, sprawl on desk and table surfaces, and engage in hand-to-mouth behavior. Pound for pound, children take in more contaminants than adults, increasing their risk. Researchers have found that early exposures to environmental toxins appear more likely to produce chronic disease than similar exposures encountered later in life. (Studies also show that a developing fetus is particularly at risk from maternal exposures to certain chemicals – a special concern for pregnant women working in schools.)

Furthermore, most schools and child care facilities are cleaned every day, leaving behind fresh residues of cleaning chemicals on surfaces with which children come into direct contact. Some chemicals found in cleaning products become airborne when used and can trigger asthma attacks in affected individuals and possibly contribute to the onset of the disease.

How Exposure Impacts Health

Routes of children’s exposure to cleaning chemicals include inhalation, skin absorption and accidental ingestion. Health impacts from cleaning products used in schools can result from either acute or chronic exposures. Acute exposures (significant one-time exposures) may burn the eyes or skin, cause blindness, poisoning, headaches and respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments. Chronic exposures (frequent low-dose exposures over a longer period of time) can lead to asthma, allergies, certain types of cancer, learning and behavioral disorders, endocrine disruption, chemical sensitivity and kidney or liver damage.

Moreover, a significant percentage of a student and school staff population may have a specific or general chemical hypersensitivity; that is, they react adversely to extremely low levels of one or more types of chemical exposures. For example, many cleaning products contain fragrances which are common triggers for asthma attacks. Sensitive populations include those with allergies or asthma, individuals with upper respiratory infections (colds, sore throats, etc.) and those
on medication for chronic illnesses.


A growing body of evidence suggests that children are more vulnerable to toxins in their environments than previously known, and that the effects of exposure may not be manifested for years. While scientists continue to probe for more answers to these complex issues, parents and school administrators should be aware that their decisions in this area may have profound impacts on the health and well-being of students, long after those students have left the classroom."
Activeion ionator HOM™ Chemical Free Multi-Surface Cleaner
This product is indeed one that meets all standards of safety.
A viable alternative I have come to use and value.

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    Activeion ionator HOM™ Chemical Free Multi-Surface Cleaner
    This product is indeed one that meets all standards of safety.
    A viable alternative I have come to use and value.