Friday, September 10, 2010

The Dirt On Play

"It is becoming increasingly clear through research on the brain as well as in other areas of study, that childhood needs play. Play acts as a forward feed mechanism into courageous, creative, rigorous thinking in adulthood." Tina Bruce, Professor, London Metropolitan University

Play, in its spontaneity, its creative connection, its satisfaction, certainly warrants its special time for happening. As the school year unfolds with goals being set, standards to meet, so too, each child's day becomes defined. Within each day, set aside time for BEING, time for the imaginative Self to be expressed, time for exploration, discovery and creation of a known truth. This is time beyond all the scheduled games and competitive sports. This is time that is child directed, child driven, free and creative.

In looking at the establishment of your child's after school schedule, it is important to provide a bit of 'wiggle' room, a time to do or be, just for its own joy, its own satisfaction, its own special benefit. Providing a healthy balance between free time play and scheduled sports or more formal after school activities, courses of study or events, is requisite for the overall development of a child. Learning readiness, necessarily, is to include playful exploration and discovery. If we want creative responses to both the academics and the arts, there need be the provision of both the time and the settings for open ended self motivated experiences. Time for a child to be just that - a child with room to simply play and discover what a great play mate he/she is to Self and others!!

The article, "The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds." Kenneth R. Ginsburg, MD, MSEd PEDIATRICS Vol. 119 No. 1 January 2007, pp. 182-191 (doi:10.1542/peds.2006-2697) offers a detailed discussion of play, how its provision and form have changed, the role play has in the development of the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth. Link here provided for this all inclusive presentation:;119/1/182#SEC2

Play activities in their many forms, their many expressions, are indeed part of the APOGEE Learning™ experience. A playful attitude, a spontaneous smile, a sense of satisfaction in the activity at hand, are provided with a missionary delight.

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