Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gregg Braden: The Spontaneous Healing of Belief and The APOGEE Paradigm

The Wounded Learner Belief and the Healing Process

Several years ago I presented a number of weekend workshops at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science. With all the research surfacing on how trauma, unresolved conflict, suppressed emotions, toxins, and stress effect one's health and well being, it became clear that these same influences on one's physical and emotional development were those that also effected readiness for learning, attention, and success in meeting educational milestones.

The title of one particular weekend workshop was, ''The Wounded Learner." Early learning experiences bear significantly on the impressions we have of ourselves as learners. If those early impressions validate ourselves as responsive and capable, there develops a feeling of confidence and a willingness to explore. If however, one is given the impression that one is not capable, is harshly criticized, not understood or supported, confidence is often shattered and masked by defiant behaviors or resistance. The learner becomes wounded. These wounds need be healed, and redirection defined.

I can give example after example of how when finding the underlying incident(s) or circumstance(s) that planted the seeds of stress, confusion, or dismay, are uprooted, change is initiated. Within this change the learner moves to a greater awareness of self, a willingness to confront, and an openness for ultimate resolve. The principles of epigenetics and the principles behind our beliefs are fully operative and applicable here. The learner is brought to understand behaviors that result from external rather than purely genetic influences. The learner comes to newly appreciate his/her own power over self and the learning process. To become aware of our established belief systems, our established perceptions and how they enhance or restrict our potential for well being and learning success, is to become an empowered learner. This is an awareness that is primary at every age and stage of development, from childhood to adulthood.

Post Script: Shortly after posting, I was sent an article that speaks to these very issues and orientations. I am pleased to add other voices; and so for your added consideration:

Adapted from

Power, Freedom, and Grace, by Deepak Chopra (Amber Allen, 2006).

"When you are conceived, all you are is a double strand of DNA—a speck of information and intelligence that differentiates into a hundred trillion cells, which then become a fully formed baby with eyes, nose, ears, brain, arms, legs, genitals. You didn’t do anything to make that happen, and yet you made it happen. In that blueprint, that speck of information is a plan for when your teeth will grow out, when you will reach puberty, when you will generate sex hormones, so you can produce another human being. It is spontaneity, with effortless ease, with no resistance. The impulse of the universe is coming through you in the form of that double strand of DNA.

Now if you can make a hundred trillion cells without any confusion, if each cell can do its own unique thing and correlate its activity with every other cell without any confusion, it’s because of the intelligence of the universe is flowing through that speck of DNA, which you can’t even see under a microscope. So the best thing you can do is to allow it to happen. It isn’t wise to interfere with it.

And how do you interfere with this intelligence? In spiritual terms, we can say that you interfere when you identify with your self-image and lose your inner self; when you lose your sense of connection with your soul, your source. In more common terms, we can say that you interfere when you start worrying, when you start anticipating problems, when you start thinking, What can go wrong? When you try to control everything, when you are afraid, when you feel isolated—all these things interfere with the flow of nature’s intelligence.

Your inner self is your innate intelligence; it is being becoming. It is your ability to create, to grow, to evolve, to express. Your self-image is the indoctrination by society, by education; it’s the image you have created for yourself based on what other people think of you. As soon as you sacrifice the self for self-image you lose divinity for something that is illusory and doesn’t exist. The self-image is a hallucination; it isn’t even real, but it interferes with the flow of intelligence." http://www.care2.com/greenliving/living-in-flow.html#ixzz14oiJairM

Another most relevant article sent my way and added for your consideration. An excellent read for understanding learners across the age span. 6 Surprising Things That Affect Your Brain | Care2 Healthy & Green Living: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/6-surprising-things-that-affect-your-brain.html

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