Saturday, February 26, 2011

You Are Loved - Dedicated to Each of My Students - known be your APOGEE ...

To all my students...

You aspire and hold to your potential, your unfolding abilities and developing competencies, your vision, and known will be the success inherent in who you are. This in belief, in faith, in trust.

Beyond content mastery be there application and purpose, beyond grade point average, be there relevancy and identity, beyond frustration and failure, be there untapped potential and undefined quest. Learn and live the way of the APOGEE Achiever™.

Best always,

Rose Marie Raccioppi

With autonomy, mastery and purpose,
creative, caring, conceptual thinkers
and doers are developed.

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The APOGEE Achiever Program
The Academics and the Arts
~ Soar To Success ~

•Individualized Subject Tutoring•
•Study Skills and Mastery Strategies•
•All Learning Styles•
Communication Skills
Assignment Management
Stress Management
Acu-Tone™ Sound Therapy
Relaxation, Breathing, Attention and Focusing Exercises
Achievement Goals
All Ages ~ All Grades ~ All Subjects
PSAT~ SAT ~ All Test Preparation
APOGEE Cognitive Kinesiology™ - Cause and Effect

Family Therapy

For more information on services
provided for all learning needs:

APOGEE Learning ~ A Whole Child Paradigm

Learning styles honored and supported
Readiness experiences provided
Task analysis applied
Student interests as motivators
The Whole Brain approach to study and mastery

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