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APOGEE - a defined purpose - a living destiny...

Dictionary: ap·o·gee


apogees, plural

1. The highest point in the development of something; the climax or culmination.

2. The point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is furthest from the earth.

image source: PerigeeApogeeDistance.html

Edward Merrill Root (January 4, 1895 - October 26, 1973) was an American educator and poet. For the individual, Root stated his philosophy as a person's "outermost expression of his innermost essence... Man, being finite in existence, but infinite in essence, succeeds by reaching his highest point of failure."

Root's central philosophy was what he called "Essentialism". His intention was " make coherent and affirmative a certain philosophy, and American philosophy, and to do so in terms of art."

He stated his philosophy thus: "More and more as my life has matured ... I have realized that I wish to preserve the roots of life whence grow the blossoms and the fruits of life, and that I have become a genuine radical - i.e., one who works with the roots of life, laboring to set them more firmly and to nourish them more richly. I applaud fruitful change that comes from an enhancement and intensification of the last things that maintain their continuity with first things. But, as I see it, such change must be growth from within, so that you and I and our nation become ever more clearly, more richly, more truly, what we always are, potentially in principle. Man is ever seeking novelty; God is forever and ever making things new. He does not make the seasons, nor the rose, nor the Labrador retriever, nor the lover nor the poet, novel - He makes them new. And because they are new in their fundamental being, they are vitally old; as tomorrow's sunrise will be the newest of dawns and the oldest of dawns, since it shone upon the Birthday of Creation."

To all my students...

You aspire and hold to your potential, your unfolding abilities and developing competencies, your vision, and known will be the success inherent in who you are. This in belief, in faith, in trust.

Beyond content mastery be there application and purpose, beyond grade point average, be there relevancy and identity, beyond frustration and failure, be there untapped potential and undefined quest. Learn and live the way of the APOGEE Achiever™.

Best always,

Rose Marie Raccioppi

With autonomy, mastery and purpose,
creative, caring, conceptual thinkers
and doers are developed.

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