Thursday, April 21, 2011

APOGEE Learning™ in the market place...

APOGEE™ Learning Enhancement Training Systems
Tappan, NY 10983
Phone: (845)359-9056 / (866)228-8663

Is your child struggling in school? Is he or she a misunderstood learner? If so, then APOGEE™ Learning Enhancement Training Systems is the answer. APOGEE™ is a system of learning and educational therapy that considers the educational, physical, emotional and environmental factors that relate to learning and creativity. Integrating the academics and the arts, APOGEE™ takes a holistic approach to serving all learners at all ages and in all grades, including the special needs of the Learning Disabled, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexic, Gifted, Under Achievers, and the Highly Motivated. All programs are developed and administered by Rose Marie Raccioppi, a fully state-certified, honored, awarded and highly acclaimed educator, in a warm, comfortable and nurturing environment. These completely individualized one-on-one sessions provide support in all subjects, from organizational skills and presentation skills to math, reading, writing and language skills, to college level academics. With specialized support from APOGEE™ students are given the opportunity to more fully appreciate the interrelationship of their physical, mental, creative, and spiritual selves. Students come closer to understanding how his or her learning and creativity are influenced by what he or she has experienced, feels, attracts, knows, thinks, believes, wants, enjoys and fears. APOGEE™ offers proven methods....and proven results! For a FREE introductory consultation, call Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS, FABI, Holistic Educational Therapist at (845)359-9056 or (866)228-8663.

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Rose Marie Raccioppi, founder of

APOGEE Learning Enhancement Training Systems™:

Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI is an awarded and honored Holistic Educational Therapist, founder and director of APOGEE Learning Enhancement Training Systems™, Past President of the Rockland and the New York Association for the Learning Disabled. In private practice for 28 years, Raccioppi creatively serves the needs, gifts, and the potential of all learners of all ages. She integrates the academics, the arts, music, dance, sports, using the interests of each child to support improvement goals. Her effective approaches have consistently resulted in positive change for the student, academically, creatively, socially, physically and psychologically.

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