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When one considers what is put forth here by Dr. Iain McGilchrist one fully appreciates the unity, the communication, the balance, that is sought and created by the whole of the brain. Each half in complement, not in competition of the other. When students present a particular difficulty, be it cognitive, emotional or physical, the best 'remedy' to assure progress, to assure reason, to assure creativity, to assure healing and ultimate resolve, is the whole brain in response.

APOGEE Learning™ was founded and developed to provide those experiences, those approaches, those explorations, that integrate the academics and the arts. APOGEE Learning™ supports the whole of learning that serves and enhances both understanding and application. It is in all of its manifestation a whole brain system.

A number is a symbol. It has a particular configuration, a particular meaning. It represents itself and it represents the parts that define it. Let us further consider that all numbers have their start from the value of ONE. It is this 'one' that is repeated, added, multiplied to become many or that which is more than 'one.' There is the physical representation of a number value, by its 'design', by its object referent, by the measurement it denotes. It is physical, conceptual and symbolic. It is of parts, it is of the whole. Many students, in their early learning of numbers, take comfort in the stability and consistency that numbers represent. 1+1=2, be it written, spoken, or demonstrated. A 'truth' is mastered and a feeling of power in mastery prevails. However, when numbers become part of a word problem, where language implies interpretation, difficulties often ensue. Here is where math most obviously calls for the integration of both left and right brain into a whole brain consideration.

Some students present themselves with a tendency to process more with right brain orientations, while others process more with left brain orientations. Either extreme can make learning of particular skills and/or subject matter more difficult. Orientations, learning style, problem solving strategies are all taken into consideration and are viewed from the perspective of how they contribute or detract from reaching a resolve or a completion of a task.

Be it learning to be masterful in school, on the playground, on the sports field, on the dance floor, at the piano, with any musical instrument, on stage, off stage, one needs to integrate responsive movement with discernment. Approaching each new learning, each new challenge, with a healthy interplay of right and left brain is to assure command and ultimate mastery.

With whole brain approaches the student learns to consider an assignment, a problem, a challenge, a goal, a quest, understand the ways of approach, the means toward resolve, attainment or completion.

and so the intent and goal of
The APOGEE Achiever™ Program...

With autonomy, mastery, and purpose
creative, caring, free thinkers
and doers are developed.

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