Friday, October 21, 2011

A Bouquet for the Teacher - 48 years later...

1963 ~1983~2011

October 9, 2011 was indeed a marked CELEBRATION of time and the gifts of friendship. It also marked the anniversary of October 9, 1983, when "Rose Marie Raccioppi Day" was proclaimed by the Rockland County Legislature, in honor of my community service and leadership on behalf of children with special needs. Through the initiative of George Nardone, indeed, an outstanding 5th grade student of 1963, and the connections made via FB, a Class Reunion was put into place. Here I am in my kitchen unwrapping the beautiful bouquet presented to me. A happy happy camper am I!! Held within every fiber of my BEING are the SMILES shared on this most most beautiful day. YES, Life is Good and time is a gift!

The many smiles and memories shared this day have come to validate each of my long held perspectives of what is of value that a teacher brings to her students. Here 48 years after their 5th grade placement at PS 106, Bronx, New York, they gathered at my home to share in a Class Reunion of Joy. Yes, remembered was a particular lesson, a particular event, a particular day, a particular impression, but most importantly they remembered the respect I held for each of them, the faith I had in their abilities and potentialities, the personal touch in response to their interests and needs. As each in their own special way, expressed their 'impressions' of me as their 5th grade teacher, tearful joy was brought to heart.

I invite you to view a slide show put together by one of the students 'all grown up.' Feel the delight and share in the smiles... just a click away...

Our 5th Grade Class Reunion - October 9, 2011 Slideshow & Video | TripAdvisor™

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  1. Upon entry to a session, my students are greeted with a jazz drum set up... they are invited to improvise the playing of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to themselves...intent to convey.. every day we have the opportunity to play the game of life anew and in celebration!! Yes, a whole lot of JAZZ going on!!

  2. Each of my former 5th grade students of the class of 1963, PS 106, have been assigned a new post... They are now members of the J♡Y PATROL, out in the world doing their thing, giving free hugs for extra credit... they have chosen to be Life Long Learners of J♡Y.

  3. flowers in a bouquet divine
    touched by the light of a day new
    a gift in celebration of a reunion
    that calls to love and friendship true

    hues delicate, bright and bold they be
    smiles and frivolity they do bring
    petals of splendor ever budding grace
    'tis loving gratitude the heart to sing

    such thoughtfulness I to receive
    in loving gestures of praise
    the grandeur of beauty in bloom
    to mark past and revered days.

  4. Nancy Mounier- Palmesino Merry Christmas to our dear 5th grade teacher. You were the best and most beautiful teacher ever and, of course, the most memorable. We all love you. Best wishes for a healthy, happy and safe New Year. 🎄🎄🎄😍

  5. 2018... Delight anew...

    Andrew Weitzer
    To a beautiful and happy past, youth. You gave love and joy to growing and eager youngsters who happened to grace your doorsteps.

    Andrew Weitzer
    With love, hope and our our growth you have potted amazing plants with strong roots to continue our life cycle. With love and your wonderful strength and awareness of each of us in your class, I personally thank you for my organic growth and my connection to nature.

    Andrew Weitzer
    Thank you and with love Andy.

    Rose Marie Raccioppi
    Dearest Andrew Weitzer Your generosity of word most certainly touches this heart. Teaching, learning and BEING, ever in accord ... ever in celebration of the unfolding self. May we embrace time and life as a gift of revelation, our purpose, our JOY defined heart to heart. Much love 💕

  6. And in response...
    Andrew Weitzer
    For me you were a guide, a spiritual leader, your wedding and most of all a friend to a young boy, a father, and a transient being who has found love of family, and most importantly the everlasting love of nature.

    Andrew Weitzer
    You are a rare gem!!!!!!