Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When a Song is Sung

Are You Singing Your Song?

Whenever people actually find their own song to sing, their deep-seated sense of self-doubt begins to be released, leaving a space for creativity to fill. The song turns out to be beautiful; people find that they can sing it without being punished and even earn a living being themselves.

In every case, the song is socially positive and acceptable. Beneath the fear of being unique, each of us has a powerful craving for as much uniqueness and specialness as possible.

Why is it that at first the prospect of being ourselves is so horrifying? Deep down, as much as we might deny it, all of us have been hurt by having our childhood wishes trampled on, but we accepted it “for our own good.”

A child needs and demands to be respected as a unique person, but being small and helplessly attached to his parent’s approval, he will sacrifice his own feelings to win the reward of their love.

For most of us, our parents fed us their own concept of “being good,” and we conformed to that even if it rankled our still-selfish childhood egos. We were all taught to be good before we wanted to be good. This may sound like a fine distinction, but in later life it makes all the difference between freedom and slavery.

A gap was created between true and false emotions, between what I should feel and what I actually feel. The process is subtle but treacherous. If it goes on long enough, one forgets what it is like simply to be, to let happiness and sadness come when they will, to give or keep as the moment dictates.

Adapted from Unconditional Life: Discovering the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams, by Deepak Chopra (A Bantam Book, 1991).

And so... as it prevails...

Rose Marie Raccioppi

A child's song is sung with delight. It is heard in the scamper of joyful steps. It is felt in the knowing smile. It is the light shuffle of skipping, dancing, jumping, hopping. It is the colors upon paper, the words shared, the questions asked, the wonder experienced, the world perceived. And so here shared is the special song of a seven year old...

Blue Jay Angel

A flower
A bird
An angel of heart
With magical beauty
A creation has its start
Wings of feathers
And touched with love
By all of God’s grace
Here and above.

Grace Page Boyle
7 years of age

Image, Blue Jay Angel, Pen and Ink, ©Grace Page Boyle, 2010-2011.

an added word
Grace loves, flowers, birds and angels.
She created Blue Jay Angel
to express her love for these beautiful gifts of Creation.

Thank You Grace for sharing your love.
Your song is sung
Your song is heard.

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  1. Ria Bronsonposted to Rose Marie Raccioppi
    Hello Rose Marie, this is what I was talking about....our song that we are here to sing.....in oneness and love always, Ria.

    Toltec Cowgirl
    As we detach and allow life to just be....us, in all it's unfolding, in all it's revelations...we begin to have more and more ah ha moments. We begin to realize that all the answers were here within us all along, but we weren't quite ready to hear..."let them who have ears to hear, hear". We were bogged down and clogged up by all the beliefs and assumptions and opinions and lies and illusions that... have been piling on top of the truth of us since we were born...layer upon layer upon layer. And guess what...we are attached to each and every layer because we think that's what makes us....us. We proudly talk about and explain and familiarize ourselves and everyone around us to our many layers until we actually believe and put total faith in what we proclaim as us as..."this is who I am". Of course we don't realize we have all those layers until we start peeling them back and lo and behold, there's another layer, another mask, another image masquerading as us. The ah ha comes when we stop associating with the image and start looking within for the truth. We stop giving our "virtual self" power when we stop believing it and start listening with our inner ears, our spiritual ears and we begin to hear the sweet music softly playing from within. This is our song that we came here to sing and to harmonize with all of the oneness of humanity. This is us.