Friday, February 3, 2012

RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time

Another moment of your time please...

Rose Marie Raccioppi

What messages do the students I serve bring to me. "I am bored," in such and such a class... "it is a waste of my time." " It takes too much of my time to do that dumb homework. " "That project is just a waste of time, no one is going to really pay attention anyway."

Time is indeed a precious commodity. We each are given a 24 hour day and seek to enjoy a significant part of it. Why do some have what many may consider good time management skills and others fall short of the demands of time? schedules ? time frames?

Here presented are perspectives that call for our consideration. Change is being imposed as here outlined, and at the same time 'a bury your head in sand' mentality may be operative in our present day school room. Time to think ...

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  1. Being of Italian heritage I did indeed identify with the discussion of language and the distinctive differences between Northern and Southern Italy. My Italian born mother would repeat, "subito" when I was required to do what she requested. No time to waste was indeed her call. Yes, I do manage my time well and many a task and deed knows completion. The important lesson time has taught me is that of intent, action, resolve and/or completion, to build a sense of purpose fulfilled. Timely action...timely satisfaction...