Thursday, June 7, 2012

APOGEE Acu-Tone™ interview of Rose Marie Raccioppi by Glen Keene, Rockland World Radio, June 6, 2012

"To change your mood or mental state — change your vibration." 
The Kybalion.

Pleased to post the APOGEE Acu-Tone™ interview of Rose Marie Raccioppi by Glen Keene:  Spotlight on Success, Rockland World Radio,  presenting the development and documented benefits of an innovative, comprehensive vibrational/sound paradigm. Do give a listen. Your comments are most welcomed. Thank You.


  1. Sultan Khilji

    Dearest Rose Marie.. I listened to your interview by Glen Keene several times.. It took me a while to post this comment, as I had to arrange my thoughts regarding the subject, it caused me to recall many things from my early studies of ancient scriptural texts, Sumerian, Greek and Egyptian and the Indus Valley civilizations etc. I had often wondered about the "Word" that was before everything else according to the Bible, or that the Universe, in particular life was fashioned out of "dust that sounds" according to the Quran.. that a single word "BE" was uttered and the sound brought chaos to order and the universe was born.. It made me recall our conversation about Edgar Casey, and later I studied Seth, and discovered logical explanations to many phenomena that were always a source of fascination to me in particular, the healing properties of ancient hindu, sumerian, Egyptian, buddhist, and Sufi (and many others) chants..

    The acoustically designed chambers in shrines and temples.. that by "magic" healed people, was no hocus pocus afterall.. It was/is science, Mathematics, Harmonics of Sound at play!

    Our very first conversation, was not just an ordinary conversation. Your mentoring me and also my trainees during my corporate trainings was not merely a lecture about do-this-and-do-that.. They all still recall and cherish that Acoustic Reverbration that carried from your voice to their (and my) heart and has stayed to date.

    I can only foresee acknowledgment followed by further validation of the Acu-Tone process, the evidence of the Treasure of Knowledge and Wisdom that you are, and so graciously share.

    Much Love and Gratitude, always! :)

    1. Dearest Sultan,

      I deeply appreciate your generous comment. Shared perspectives across the miles and felt is the warmth of a loving heart. Indeed I am blessed by your friendship and your gratitude.

      Thank You ever so kindly,

      Rose Marie