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WORDS ~ Cell Signaling ~ The Play Upon Consciousness ~ Experiments of Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto was born in Yokohama, Japan in July 1943 and a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University's department of humanities and sciences with a focus on International Relations. In 1986 he established the IHM Corporation in Tokyo. In October of 1992 he received certification from the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Subsequently he was introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in the US and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. The quest thus began to discover the mystery of water.
He undertook extensive research of water around the planet not so much as a scientific researcher, but more from the perspective of an original thinker. At length he realized that it was in the frozen crystal form that water showed us its true nature through. He has gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.
He is the author of the best-selling books Messages from WaterThe Hidden Messages in Water, and The True Power of Water. He is a long-time advocate for peace in relation to water. He is currently the head of the I.H.M. General Research Institute and President Emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation, a Not for Profit Organization.
Mr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques. He freezes droplets of water and then examines them under a dark field microscope that has photographic capabilities.
Results from Mr. Emoto's work most certainly gives reason to pause. Offered here are impressive findings: 
Water from clear mountain springs and streams had beautifully formed crystalline structures, while the crystals of polluted or stagnant water were deformed and distorted.
Distilled water exposed to classical music took delicate, symmetrical crystalline shapes.
When the words "thank you" were taped to a bottle of distilled water, the frozen crystals had a similar shape to the crystals formed by water that had been exposed to Bach's "Goldberg Variations"- music composed out of gratitude to the man it was named for.
When water samples were bombarded with heavy metal music or labeled with negative words, or when negative thoughts and emotions were focused intentionally upon them, such as "Adolf Hitler", the water did not form crystals at all and displayed chaotic, fragmented structures.
When water was treated with aromatic floral oils, the water crystals tended to mimic the shape of the original flower.
We learn through Masaru Emoto's photographs, that thought of failure itself becomes represented in the physical objects that surround us. Now that this has been brought forward, let us begin to realize that even when immediate results are invisible to the unaided human eye, they are still present. When we communicate love to our own bodies, they respond, as too, when we send love to the Earth, there is a response.

What we say, how we say it, the underlying intention behind our communication,  become part of a vibratory schema that signals what becomes supportive or destructive of the life force in form, in structure, in function. Cell signaling is indeed at the heart of our emotions, our health, our very sense of BEING. 
Within the principles and practices of the APOGEE Paradigm™ language is studied from a personal perspective. How we develop it, how we perceive it, how we use it, how we experience it, define its power to be supportive, sustaining or ultimately destructive. One is to be deeply aware of one's inner dialogue. Is it in harmony with the principles of wellbeing, health, gratitude, faith, creativity, does it exist in service to the totality of SELF?
For a personal evaluation on how your 'words' influence your form, structure, perceptions, consciousness, cell signaling and wellbeing,  do call and/or write/contact:

Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI
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