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Cues to Self ~ Understanding the meaning....

The mission of APOGEE Learning™ is to cultivate keen awareness, to develop and expand perception, to impassion responsibility and enhance the power to act.

APOGEE Learning™ provides a process that allows one to fully understand and appreciate the internal signaling of cause and effect. Through the application of APOGEE Cognitive Kinesiology™ one gains access to the deeper consciousness that underlies perception, impressions, beliefs, attitudes, and the particular responsiveness to new and past experiences.

The perspectives expressed in this post by Deepak Chopra MD, are in accord with the findings and the benefits put forth in the program offerings of APOGEE Learning™ and the APOGEE Achiever™ Program. By fully understanding the cues to self, a signal for action, one develops an empowered and knowing sense of being. This the mission of the APOGEE Achiever™ Program.

Are You Learning To Listen?
Deepak Chopra

"There are no accidents, despite what you believe. There is only cause and effect, and when the cause is far away in time, the effect returns after you have forgotten it. But be sure that everything that befalls you, good or bad, is the result of some action in the past.

These mishaps are like an echo. If I shouted yesterday and the echo waited until today to come back, I might have forgotten all about it. Then how am I learning to prevent theses delayed reactions, if I’ve already forgotten about them? By being more alert.

Actions return to us over and over from different directions. So many kinds of cause and effect are working all around us that one must be very alert to see them. Nothing is random in the universe. Your past actions are not returning to punish you but to catch your attention. They are like clues.

You are not who you think you are. You live in many layers of reality. One of these we shall call spirit. Imagine that you do not know yourself as spirit but that your spirit knows you. What would be more natural than it should call to you? The clues that fall out of the sky are messages from spirit, but you must be alert to catch them.

Spirit is difficult to heed. If you are getting better and better at avoiding disaster, you are learning to listen."

Adapted from The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 1995).


Image Credit: What's On your Mind, Celeste Katz, NY Daily News.

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