Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Improved Reading Performance with APOGEE Somatic Phonics™ ~ A Breakthrough for the Dyslexic, The Learning Disabled, the Underachieved Reader.

Is your child struggling with dyslexia? Is he or she a misunderstood learner? APOGEE Learning Enhancement Training Systems™ is the answer. APOGEE Somatic Phonics™ is an integrated system developed for the dyslexic student to assure reading success. Twenty-eight years of documented success define the APOGEE Somatic Phonics™ Program. Reading with APOGEE Somatic Phonics™ becomes easier, word knowledge becomes more developed, and comprehension, spelling and writing improve. With a new and masterful command of reading, interest in other subject areas expand, focus is improved and grades soar to new heights.

APOGEE Learning™ takes a holistic approach to serving all learners at all ages and in all grades, including the special needs of those with learning disabilities. All programs are developed and administered by Rose Marie Raccioppi, a state-certified, honored, awarded and highly acclaimed educator, within a warm and nurturing environment. Each one-on-one session is personalized and available in all subjects.

With APOGEE Somatic Phonics™, specific letter sounding practices are initiated allowing one to confidently learn the distinction among letter sounds and letter names. Seeing, hearing, touching and perceiving define the scope of reading and the reading process. Observation itself is reading. Once the sound association is clear, the visual symbol is introduced via a three-dimensional object. Once that step is mastered, a two-dimensional representation is introduced. It is a truly integrated multi-sensory experience.

Each letter read and sounded is evaluated via APOGEE Cognitive Kinesiology™, a process that allows the student to understand the integrative action of the mind-body energy system. This process is utilized to determine if the letter brings about a stress response. If a stress response is found, a series of activities are initiated to address the specific finding. Once the stress response is abated, which is the result of the newly introduced experience of rebuilding the structure of the physical letter, one proceeds to view the printed word with renewed energy and focus. It is well known that people avoid that which is painful or stressful. By eliminating the stress associated with reading, the process then becomes an exploratory and pleasurable experience. Improved reading performance is a guaranteed outcome.

Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI is state-certified in regular and special education, supervision and administration. With advanced studies in psychology, education, cognition, stress management and holistic health, Raccioppi's program is comprehensive. In addition to her academic excellence, she is an exhibiting artist, published poet and the Poet Laureate of Orangetown, New York. Raccioppi has developed supportive programs integrating the academics and the arts. Consultations for parents, educators and teacher training are offered, in addition to individualized student services.

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