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A BUILDER before a READER... APOGEE Somatic Phonics™- the learning child as CORE*...


A BUILDER  before a READER... APOGEE Somatic Phonics™ 
The learning child as CORE*...

Perspectives to be presented 
Rose Marie Raccioppi, MS FABI 
at the 
18th Annual
Rockland Literacy Extravaganza Conference

Saturday, October 19, 2013 7:45 A.M. - 2:30 P.M.
St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkill, N.Y.

(*key, basic, fundamental, principal, primary,main, chief, crucial, vital, essential; informal: number-one.)

First there be creation's divinity... conception... be there sound... the mother's heartbeat, inner vibrations transmitted, inner flows to nourish and bring life into development... delivery... and the first cry... breath filling the lungs... life its own force...  the feeling...the movement... the reaching... the seeing... the echoing... the following... the Being... the Doing... the Having... the learning child as reception and response... this the hologram... this the BEING known to  Self and others... A propensity, a preference for exploration and discovery and so learning takes hold. 

Reading, as observation, as connection, is a natural process. A child 'reads' the mother's expressions,  'reads' its space and surroundings, feels the effect of what it experiences, what the effect is of what was 'read.'  Impressions upon all sensibilities create  'a reading.' It is understanding that there are particular leanings toward one's approach to learning that we have come to identify as 'learning style.'  And so we have conceptual frameworks that have put forth 'multiple intelligences' and 'learning style paradigms.' Multiplicity, diversity, selectivity, applies to each individual, as too, it applies to groups of individuals.

The effects from 'failed purpose' have called for educators to look deeply into teaching methodology, special need, learning style, readiness, skill sets, multiple intelligences, motivation, and most significantly relevance. Students that have made and continue to make their way to APOGEE Learning Enhancement Training Systems™ have had 'failed purpose.'  Reading below 'grade level' brings callers to APOGEE Somatic Phonics™ .  This is a system based on the developmental processes of observation, exploration, discovery, integration and application. Appreciating that the child is a natural builder and sound creator, before it is a sculptor or an artist, the primary 'doing' in creating the form that matches the sound is first to build it. And so delight is built into... From twigs from trees, I learn my A B Cs.

As I read each aspect of reading, as presented in the proposed 'Common Core', I thought, I take little exception to the delineated goals for reading competence. The 'goals' however,  most certainly call for relevant activities and practices. Reading is a dynamic process and is not to be relegated exclusively to workbook exercises or test taking skills that tap into a limited range of propensities. Reading is the observation of form and corresponding sound for each letter, reading is the configuration of sound into symbolic form, reading is understanding the particular symbolism of grouped letters as they come to have 'meaning' in the context of our direct experience. The student is CORE not the curriculum... and as such must be understood, appreciated and supported, not only as a particular grade member, but as an individual with diversity of experience and need. The goals of a curriculum must be highly respectful of relevance,  purpose and the needs of the populace, individually and collectively,  it aims to teach. Creativity, identification, expression in the arts, and integration are CORE to the reading experience.

APOGEE Somatic Phonics™ has facilitated the development of reading mastery across all curriculum areas for scores and scores of students for over thirty years. Its time has come to be known for the documented success it brings.

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