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Finding Spirit in the Fabric of Space and Time - Microtubules and APOGEE Acu-Tone™

Finding Spirit in the Fabric of Space and Time is an interview of Stuart Hameroff, MD. The focus is on microtubules. The presence and function of microtubules appear directly related to the benefiting process inherent in APOGEE Acu-Tone™.

After having received consistently beneficial results from the practices that define the APOGEE Acu-Tone™ paradigm, I sought to understand, beyond my intuitive knowing, the 'science' behind the positive results. As I was seeking an explanation as to 'how' were the tuning forks bringing about the changes in feelings, the relief of pain, a deeply relaxed state, a consistently reported feeling of well being, I was delighted to have come across an article appearing in the June, 1994 issue of "Discover." In the article, "Quantum Consciousness," by David H. Freedman, it is reported that Stuart Hameroff, MD stated that these "long tubes (microtubules) made extraordinarily good conductors of physical vibrations, or sound waves. Using computer models to simulate microtubule behavior, he found that a vibration introduced into one end of the tube could propagate unchanged throughout the length of its hollow, water-filled interior. Furthermore, he found that disturbances in neighboring microtubules displayed a 'coherence' - that is, a vibration in one microtubule could start another one vibrating in exactly the same fashion, just as a vibrating tuning fork can get a nearby tuning fork vibrating. Eventually, a twitch propagating down one microtubule could be passed on to entire bundles of microtubules vibrating in synchrony, and perhaps even right through cell membranes to mircrotubules in neighboring cells."

Hameroff suspected that this "twitch" property was "related to the microtubules' traffic-cop function in the cell: if they were in charge of organizing behavior in the cell, then they'd need to communicate with one another, and for that they'd need an accurate, rapid signaling system. "It looked as if microtubules were great at carrying signals," says Hameroff. They were so great at it, in fact, that it seemed unlikely such an efficient communication network wouldn't have a more sophisticated purpose. ... Hameroff strongly suggested that microtubule networks in the cell could also play the role of such a switching yard (as in computer chips), directing vibrational pulses along certain paths within the cell and among cells: by arranging and interconnecting themselves in the right ways, they'd direct vibrational signals here and there just as wires direct the flow of electric signals... "

A microtubule oblivious to the noise around it, "would be free to explore simultaneously any number of possible patterns within and among the microtubules. Even crossing among cells wouldn't necessarily disturb the pulse: after all, one tuning fork can set another vibrating even if the intervening air is noisy with other signals."

A most informative article: Orchestrated Objective Reduction of Quantum Coherence in Brain Microtubules: The "Orch OR" Model for Consciousness - Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose - Quantum Consciousness

The excitement and validation I felt when first reading the Discover article in 1994 has not waned. Subsequent articles and readings have further validated the initial connections perceived. What was suggested by what Hameroff reported, has become consistently clear and deeply relevant to the 'entrainment' that occurs during the APOGEE Acu-Tone™ process. Yes, there is a communication system operative that carries the vibratory signals of the tuning forks bringing about the ultimate in harmonic cell communication. Within this lies the explanation for the reported feelings of balance, deep relaxation, pain relief, and a most welcomed respite from stress and anxiety. I look forward to an opportunity to share these findings with Dr. Hameroff. I have been in touch with his office and await a return call. When first contacting Dr. Hameroff in 1994, upon first reading the Discover article, he was kind enough to suggest that we meet. I was not able to take advantage of his invitation, because at that time, my husband had become ill and required my support and care. I am now in a position to reconnect and go forward. The benefits of APOGEE Acu-Tone™ are to be known and enjoyed. Training opportunities are now provided.

All Inquiries Welcomed.

I invite you to peruse: APOGEE Learning: APOGEE Acu-Tone™ Vibrational / Sound Therapy -http://www.apogeelearning.blogspot.com/2012/03/apogee-acu-tone-vibrational-sound.html

apogee |ˈapəjē|
noun Astronomy
the point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is furthest from the earth. The opposite of perigee .
• figurative the highest point in the development of something; the climax or culmination of something.
(Webster's dictionary)

APOGEE Acu-Tone™

a sigh and the movement of breath becomes ever so real
a word spoken and awakened are thoughts and perceptions
a sound heard and alerted is the body, the mind, the spirit
pulsing, vibrating, sounding, sounding, sounding
inner movements, cells in communication
flow, organs in response
dissonance, resonance, harmony, entrainment
adjustment, alignment, assimilation, accord
pulsing, vibrating, sounding sounding sounding
this the body attuned, this the APOGEE known.

APOGEE Acu-Tone™
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