Sunday, May 4, 2014

Could it very well BE? ... young souls not willing...

Could it BE that the very young souls who have been deemed as having ADD and ADHD are souls simply not willing to be victims of false truths? Are these young souls refusing to give attention to what they know, in their own special way, is not TRUTH? I have been an educator for several decades. The children I teach are my master teachers. They have chosen not to wear masks of deception. They have chosen to resist confining regimentation. They yet hold sacred the TRUTH that is true for them.

There appears to be an existing confusion between 'differences' and 'dysfunction.' When 'differences' are not seen for their specific expression, their particular need, their particular orientation, and judged, punished, demeaned... 'dysfunction' on a myriad of levels is expressed physically, emotionally and spiritually . No child is born with a gun, a knife, a bomb in hand. Somewhere along the way the innocence and quest to reach, to be known, to live care and support, are lost by those who then destroy, kill and take their own lives. CAUSE and EFFECT must be more fully examined and more deeply understood.

Living by, "The Four Agreements," put forth by Don Miguel Ruiz, has brought my truth to be known by the SELF that becomes aware of its SELF. I have come presently to live, "The Fifth Agreement." It provides the teachings that hold to the Celebration of our TRUTH. Within these works lies the path of THE WAY. Yes, the Counsel of SPIRIT prevails.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Founder/Director APOGEE Paradigm™

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  1. Masks No More... this written in 2003 and was published in the June-July Issue of Golden Mastermind Seminars News Publication.

    Masks...No More...

    Written by
    Rose Marie Raccioppi

    The truth, the innocence, the all know- ing spirit of life fills our first breath. Who and what answers our first cry? What hap- pens in the moments of life that fill the years to follow? Do we become the sum total of who touches, who answers, who denies, who ignores, who accepts, who rejects, who encourages? How do we come to define ourselves? What moves us out of the shadows of our own experiences? How do we become who we really are? How do we move from an existence bearing Masks that hide the hurt, disillusionment, pain and fear to the Truth within that holds our power and potential?

    At a recent seminar, Jeffery Combs told his story. He shared his Truth and empowered participants to come closer to the Truth behind the Masks worn. Words to empower, words to explore, words to reconsider existing perspectives were shared and touched each of us personally and collectively. We were embraced by conviction and faith. Jeffery set the tone and orchestrated responses. Resonance filled the room as participants reached out to support one another. Masks were cast aside and the deep hurts and fears revealed as tears of relief, sighs of gratitude were exchanged. Within those moments we were the Golden Masterminds. We were the alchemy. We once again became the creators of our NOW.

    At the close of the seminar the look of pallor was no more. Faces fresh and newly vibrant exchanged knowing smiles.

    Yes, it is possible to have a life changing experience in a moment. Each of us has a choice to make. We can befriend the potential, the power, the all knowing life force within, free of deception, illusion and fear or we can don Masks of false identities? Your decision for Masks no more is a pledge of fidelity to who you really are.

    Rose Marie Raccioppi